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At Jamy we can produce wooden plaques to any shape, style or format, using a variety of different woods.

In 1984 we produced our first laser engraved cherry wood plaque, producing this for the United States Air Force to commemorate their local air show.

Over the years we have produced a wide range of different plaques for the United States Air Force. The main wood of choice is American Cherry, which is a nice red wood.

American Cherry wooden plaques work very nicely with the CO2 lasers that we use. We can produce very intricate images on Maple, a particularly hard wood.

The CO2 lasers that we use can do very fine work, almost photographic quality but need good input to work from.

A recent order consisted of a beautiful black and white graphic which was wonderful to work with. We made over 50 presentation plaques using the same graphic, good graphics really do make a nice finished wooden plaque that will definitely impress.

A wooden plaque is considered an upmarket product, used predominantly by Charities and Churches. In a Church, for example, which are more traditional, a wooden plaque fits in better than an acrylic plaque.

We produce our wooden plaques either as an individual piece but can produce thousands of the same plaque, each one would be of the same quality, our lasers are consistently accurate.

The wood that we use is personally selected for the best quality, and is only imported from sustainable sources. The CO2 lasers that we use do not burn or scorch the wood, they simply engrave.

The wood that has been engraved by the laser is left a slightly different shade to the existing wood, giving depth to the wooden plaque. We offer a choice of woods, which when combined with our top quality lasers and your graphics, allow you to have a wooden plaque produced in any shape.

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