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Secrecy and Security.... | Jamy

Secrecy and Security….

mcafeeEarlier this year, Jamy Ltd were approached by internet security company McAfee, part of Intel Security, about a forthcoming project. Advised that the McAfee Vice President of UK Product Development would be delivering specific items in person, Jamy were unsure about the nature of the work at this point – but it clearly required some very high security.


A week later, McAfee’s Paul Gartside arrived with his support team – and also a hard drive containing all of the world’s computer viruses discovered over the past 30 years! The brief was for Jamy’s expert team to encapsulate the hard drive in its entirety in Lucite® acrylic – thereby encasing and preserving it.
Created for the McAfee International Cybersecurity Exhibition at Buckinghamshire’s  Bletchley Park, the encapsulated hard drive was billed as “Pandora’s Box meets Schrödinger’s cat”. The drive itself contains asingle sample of every type of Malware from the last 30 years and although the viruses are ‘alive’ but inoperable, any attempt to crack open the Lucite® would destroy the disk surface and its contents.


Nick Burt, Managing Director at Jamy said: “We are delighted to have been chosen by global cybersecurity experts McAfee to work with such a unique slice of history. It’s amazing to think that this rare item we’ve been privileged to handle is now taking pride of place in the exhibition at Bletchley Park, home of the World War Two Codebreakers and birthplace
of modern computer science”.


McAfee opened its international Cybersecurity Exhibition, titled ‘Secrecy and Security – Keeping Safe Online’ and Computer Learning Zone in July 2014, as part of a five-year collaborative partnership with Bletchley Park. The partnership is the largest in McAfee’s history outside the US, bringing together two organisations highly committed to keeping people of all ages safe online. Workshops are being run to engage, inspire and educate visitors about the ever-evolving cyber threat and learn how the achievements of the Codebreakers remain relevant today.


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