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If you’re thinking of ordering an award for a forthcoming event or to mark a special occasion then a Lucite® tombstone could tick all the right boxes for you.

Lucite® acrylic is a high quality product that enables the manufacturer working with it to produce a good quality Lucite® tombstone.

Its versatility allows it to be custom designed in a variety of shapes and sizes, incorporating many different types of embedded elements – ideal for Lucite® tombstone products.

However, occasionally things cannot be embedded due to a chemical reaction when the Lucite® acrylic is put through the manufacturing process.

Lucite® acrylic, used in the production of a Lucite® tombstone, was invented by the DuPont Corporation in 1931.

Crystal clear with a 93 per cent transparency rate, resistant to water and UV rays, long before it was used for a Lucite® tombstone, it became the material of choice for WWII aircraft windows.

Shortly after the war acrylic embedments were manufactured for the first time and over time a Lucite® tombstone became a familiar product offered by manufacturers.

These days many companies will produce a Lucite® tombstone as part of a wide range of services – whether it be for an award or to mark a special anniversary.

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