Jamy beat the recession and employ new staff – 01480 456391

jac-photoWe have heard of the recession, but here at Jamy we have not really suffered its effects. In fact, we have expanded and taken on new employees. One of the new employees is a lady called Jac. She has been recruited for her particular graphic design skill set and work ethic. The addition of Jac represents the continued and consistent growth that Jamy has been experiencing over the past few years.

Prior to joining Jamy, Jac had worked extensively in the design industry in Spain. She will be responsible for the graphic design department in Jamy, taking clients briefs and turning them into the fantastic awards that Jamy are well known for. Jac has experience of both design, print and the software that is used to produce the different awards. With manufacturing experience since 1983 we offer a flexible approach to the production of one-offs or thousands according to your requirements.

Designers like the mix of materials offered here at Jamy Ltd., as it gives them lots of scope and options. Although acrylic led, we work in wood, glass, metal, slate and leather. Reflective luminous and low voltage LED lighting can also be used. You may specify branded acrylic such as Perspex, Repsol, Plexiglas, Madreperla and Lucite® and if you’re not sure our experienced team will advise you according to your needs.

It is this way of working that gives our clients great peace of mind that they’re getting the best balance, the most appropriate materials for their needs and more importantly, competitively priced. It’s worth knowing that cast acrylic is a fully recyclable material, making it very environmentally friendly, and you’ll find that here at Jamy Ltd we recycle more than 95% of the ‘waste’ material created in the process before using the reclaimed materials to create awards and plaques.

Contact Jamy on 01480 456391 to discuss your needs.

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