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From our range of standard parts we can offer at least 50 different styles.

From sublimation dye printed, metal, full colour and digitally printed, backed off with a 10mm thick recycled material to give the plaque a feeling of depth, as well as allowing you to hang the plaque on the wall.

Sublimation print allows you to have really bright and vibrant colours for the metal plaques. The colours range from white, to gold, silver and chrome, of course, all the colours can be built within the different options. And then framed if you wish.

Our backing material uses PVC foam that allows us to cut any shape or size to order and then to put the keyholes in the back. It is a very lightweight material, easy to shape, cheap to ship and resilient enough to stand up to general use.

The material that is discarded is sent back to the factory and recycled. The plaques themselves are approximately half the weight of the wooden plaques that we also supply.

The acrylic plaques are gaining popularity with clients who put them to diverse uses. They typically use them for reception walls, announcing the award of a dealership, congratulations, qualifications, accreditations, informational, etc.

We can turn these plaques around very quickly, there is a process that we have to go through, but they can be produced quicker than the wooden plaques that we also supply. We need to know if the plaque is going to be used indoor or outdoor, wall mounted or screw-fixed, hanging or free-standing.

We can also supply a wide choice of metal wall mounts and stand-offs to compliment the plaques. The plaques can be laser engraved or screen printed back and front. You can encapsulate digital print, print on the acrylic, print on the brushed metal, there are so many combinations, which is why we call it our 50 Ways Plaque System.

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